Car dealerships aren’t typically the businesses that come to mind when you think of the green economy. They sell internal combustion machines that run off of fossil fuels, after all.

However, car dealerships can be just as green as any other business. This not only helps your reputation, but it can lower your overhead and make sure the cost of doing business is as small as you can make it—all while leaving a minimal impact on the environment!

1. Utilize Your Space to Generate Energy

5 Ways That Car Dealerships Can Go Green

Car dealerships take up a lot of real estate. They have to, since they need room to showcase all their cars. However, all of that room means that dealers are uniquely positioned to generate some of their own energy. Solar panels on pole lamps are unobtrusive, and they can cut down on energy spending dramatically. Even if the power is only used for security lamps once the sun goes down (similar to solar-powered highway lights), that’s a lot of energy over time.

2. Make The Switch to LED Lights

5 Ways That Car Dealerships Can Go Green

More cars than ever before have LED headlamps, and for good reason. Light-emitting diodes are efficient, bright, and they are unaffected by the jostling that can lead to serious problems with more traditional headlights. However, dealers should take that as a cue to redo their lighting systems and invest in LED lamps for their business. These lights last longer, use staggeringly low amounts of electricity (especially when compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs), and they don’t generate nearly as much heat. This can help you maintain a comfortable, well-lit work environment for fewer costs to your wallet and the environment.

3. Use Motion Sensors

5 Ways That Car Dealerships Can Go Green

We live in the 21st century, but a lot of car dealerships haven’t seen an upgrade in decades. Motion sensor lights are a great way to cut down on power usage. Whether it’s in the bathrooms or on the lot, there’s no sense in leaving the lights on in an empty room. These sensors are easy to install, cheap to maintain, and they cut down a lot on the amount of energy an average car lot wastes.

4. Institute Company Recycling

5 Ways That Car Dealerships Can Go Green

Car lots are a business, and like any business they go through a lot of material. Papers that need to be shredded, cartridges that run out of ink, old key tags—and then there’s used oil and other car parts that comes with repairs and maintenance. Making sure that all hazardous materials are properly disposed of and that everything that can be recycled is recycled will not only cut down on the monthly garbage bill, but it will ensure that your car lot is taking up as little space as possible when it comes to landfills and garbage dumps.

5. Buy Recycled, Use Recycled

5 Ways That Car Dealerships Can Go Green

In addition to recycling the materials you use at your lot, it’s also a good idea to buy as many used materials as possible. Whether it’s printer paper, desks bought refurbished from a resale shop, or making sure your coffee cups were something else in a previous life, the more recycled material you use, the greener you’re going to be. This also applies to water used for washing your cars. Rather than hosing every vehicle down, scrubbing, and then hosing it off, consider using a bucket of soapy water for the initial cleaning. It will cut the water you use in half, which is a big deal when you consider how many times you need to wash your stock.

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