Bringing Power to You

Plymouth Rock Energy is now a member of the ENGIE family of companies!

As a leading energy supplier of natural gas and electricity for almost 20 years, we have helped manage the energy needs of small businesses and commercial & industrial sites.

Now acquired by ENGIE Resources, bringing long term benefits and access to ENGIE’s global scale and financial backing. ENGIE currently works with over 300 of the industry’s leading energy partners in both power and gas. Globally, ENGIE is one of the largest independent power producer and energy efficiency services provider in the world, with operations in 70 countries.

By joining this family, we benefit and strengthen our growth and expertise in the energy market.

Through our advanced price options and plan offerings, we remain committed to providing exceptional personal customer service and custom solutions to meet each specific need.

Plymouth Rock Energy continues to expand to reach new markets throughout the U.S., garnering a positive reputation for exceptional prices, timely delivery and remarkable customer service.

Make the switch today—call us at 855-32-POWER or click here for more details.