Choosing Your Energy Services Provider

If you groan when you open your energy bill every month, Plymouth Rock Energy is happy to show you how to break free from your current electricity shackles. By partnering with an energy provider focused on sustainable energy solutions, you experience the benefits of an energy company that puts the customer first. Plymouth Rock Energy is a leading independent Energy Service Company (ESCO) who identifies and evaluates energy-saving opportunities and then offers solutions to customers.

What is an ESCO?

Independent companies like Plymouth Rock Energy supply a broad range of comprehensive energy-saving solutions to residences and businesses. These include the design and implementation of generalized projects that can be tailored to specific customers, basic energy conservation steps, risk management services, and energy supply regulation. We operate in deregulated states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio where ESCOs can offer better rates as well as these innovative strategies, providing tremendously beneficial changes to help consumers save money.

Deregulation is important for ESCOs because it introduced competition into energy markets and created space for ESCOs to do what we do best. Deregulation enables businesses to choose their own provider (which produces the electricity) separately from delivery, meaning you can choose Plymouth as your supplier and enjoy lower energy prices and more choices.

Historically, business owners who have chosen to switch to an energy provider like Plymouth Rock Energy have saved at least 10% on their bill compared to what they paid under local utility prices.

Benefits of Choosing an ESCO

Competitive Rates

Plymouth works diligently to keep our prices competitive and maintain flexible packages so you can find one that suits your needs.

We monitor energy prices so we can stay on top of the latest data.

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Reduce Taxes

Your Plymouth Rock Energy bill reduces taxes. As an ESCO, we face fewer charges than your utility company, which benefits you.

Pricing Options

We have plans using both variable and fixed rates. This lets you control your bill by locking in your rate.

  • Variable pricing fixes your energy cost relative to the wholesale market cost of energy. You pay a percentage of the wholesale energy price, so you’re always saving relative to that price, regardless of fluctuations.
  • Fixed pricing means you pay the same rate for the life of your contract. This offers maximum predictability on your monthly bill and lets you secure your price now if you expect rates to rise.
Financial Stability

When you choose Plymouth Rock Energy, you get the reliability, stability, and experience you deserve from a provider that has extensive experience. Our reputation for delivering superior customer service at the most affordable prices proves our commitment to your needs.

Benefits of Choosing Plymouth Rock Energy Over Other ESCO’s

  • No required long term contracts
  • No additional fees
  • No change in billing process, just lower rates
  • Multiple forms of energy including electricity, natural gas, renewable and solar energy
  • Dependable service
  • Simple Enrollment
  • Customer Service representatives on call to help you 

Before choosing an ESCO you should:

  • Compare prices and specific services
  • Review contract terms, which may cover special fees, deposits, renewals, and switching procedures.
  • Consider customer service features including complaint handling, hours of operation, and toll-free numbers.
  • Research the company. You need to know their history, location, and if it is affiliated with a utility or any other company.
  • Always review the final terms and conditions before you sign anything.

Call Plymouth Rock Energy today at 855-32-POWER or click here to discuss changing your energy provider. This no-obligation consultation only takes a few minutes to show you how much we can help you save when you take control of your energy bill!