Searching for Simple Ways to Save Money? Start by Eating Smart

Eating healthy is something that most of us struggle with, after all who doesn’t love a good piece of cake? But did you know that changing what you eat can

Are Energy Vampires Taking a Bite out of Your Wallet?

Energy vampires are any appliance that draws electricity while plugged in but turned off. This is also known as standby power, idle load electricity or electricity leaking.  In today’s plugged-in

Home Savings Tips

As fall approaches parents are scrambling to pay for school supplies and fall activities for their children.  At the same time, it is time to seed and aerate the lawn,

Money Saving Tips Before Your Child Heads to College

Every parent dreads the day that they have to send their baby to college. It is a moment where you simultaneously feel proud, excited and sad. Where you also hope

Lawn Care Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Nobody wants to be the house in the neighborhood that looks as though it has been empty for years, with weeds taking over, grass up to your shins or brown

Knowing Your Carbon Footprint Can Inspire Energy Savings—Part 1

What is your carbon footprint? You’re bombarded with the message to Go Green, and you’ve heard something about a carbon footprint.  You do your best to recycle…most of the time.

Why Conserve Energy?

For most of our lives we have all been told to conserve energy. Turn off the lights! Close the door! Stop driving everywhere!   Well it is all fine and dandy

Summer Vacation Away Can Mean Summer Energy Savings at Home

Soak in Summer Energy Savings You may know that there’s a great mental and physical health benefit to squeeze in that last gasp vacation before fall routines return, but did you

Go Green & Save

Everybody has heard the term “go green” and most people have had the same thought process “I would love to, but I don’t have the time” or “I don’t know

10 Myths About Saving Energy

We have all  been told how important it is to save energy. You have probably even been told some of the best ways to do this, but which ones can