Where clean energy ends, efficiency begins for SMBs

Literalists worldwide would have people believe clean energy prospects and regulations don't really affect overall energy efficiency. Installing rooftop solar panels might lower monthly bills, but nothing about that renewable

What do small businesses think about energy efficiency?

The term "small businesses" is really a catch-all for a diverse array of organizations making up a tremendous portion of commerce. In the U.S. alone, the Small Business Administration estimated

Open for business: How to sell efficiency in retail

Where would we be without retailers? T-shirts, hardware supplies, computer equipment, cough syrup, romance novels, greeting cards - you name it, and someone out in the commercial sector specializes in

Why small businesses shouldn’t ignore energy efficiency

Can you really blame small business owners who second guess energy efficiency? Fledgling companies have to worry about taking off, much less staying afloat if they leave the nest at

How to promote your small business’s energy efficiency

As a small business owner, the advantages of energy efficiency are obvious every month when the utility bill rolls in. When companies conserve, they reduce their operating costs, making their enterprise

Swanky sustainability: Energy efficiency that really pops

Even small businesses want office spaces that are not only functional, but easy on the eyes. Taste is not exclusive to major corporations. But redecorating and renovating - even simple overnight

How energy management software shapes SMB

"Energy intelligence" is primed to change the ways all companies big and small do business just as the computer did decades ago. In the most general sense of the word,

Squashing small business energy myths

Some small business owners will stop at nothing to concoct a more thorough and effective energy efficiency plan. While the environmentally minded among us appreciate what those men and women

Why SMB owners go green – and why they don’t

Small businesses invest in energy efficiency for a number of different reasons, perhaps on a case-by-case basis. However, a new study conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses found that

Enjoy an energy efficient Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day is here, so it's time to pull up a lawn chair, sip homemade lemonade and ignore work-related emails for 72 glorious hours. So in honor of Memorial Day,