Managing the Costs of Commercial Electricity

Large businesses have the distinct advantage of representing enough demand that they can negotiate lower prices with utility providers, because suppliers want to secure a large contract. Despite this ability to manage their commercial electricity and commercial gas costs, commercial electric expenses can represent more than half of overall costs in some sectors. Plymouth Rock Energy has a robust portfolio of energy services and solutions to help these kinds of businesses meet their growing energy needs, control the cost of doing business in the face of rising fuel prices, and stay efficient.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration notes that energy intensity in the U.S. industrial sector has been on the decline for several years. However, certain industries such as in the metal smelting or chemical manufacturing sectors continue to have very high levels of energy costs.

Commercial Electricity: Cutting the Biggest Costs

Plymouth Rock Energy’s innovative, customized pricing solutions and energy supply plans are the best way for companies to meet their energy needs and keep costs down. The company actively works with enterprise customers to come up with the right plans and help customers excel at cost and energy efficiency.

Plymouth Rock Energy has expanded into a variety of new markets, ranging from electricity to energy efficiency, and has become one of the fastest-growing independent energy providers in the Northeast. Each of these services are offered with a number of different, flexible pricing solutions.

Electricity – Plymouth Rock Energy began offering electricity services in New York in 2010 and has been extending services since, reaching New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois with other states on the way.

  • Fixed and Variable rates – Different companies prefer different amounts of risks depending on their market expectations and business needs. Fixed rates lock in a one static price for the life of the contract and protect against rising energy rates. Variable rates can ultimately prove cheaper if prices decline, but introduce unpredictability.
  • Variable Plus and Hybrid rates – Businesses can carefully tailor their risk profile by indexing costs to certain key measures and establishing fixed basis spreads using the company’s variable and hybrid plans. And with the help of Plymouth, they can create combinations of different pricing schemes, thus limiting the effects of electricity price changes.

Natural Gas – Plymouth Rock Energy’s natural gas offerings include many of the same energy savings tools and solutions as our commercial electricity plans do. Innovative risk management and pricing savings and risk management help our customers in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Illinois control gas costs.

  • Sustainable energy solutions – Plymouth Rock Energy helps commercial and industrial clients cut costs and implement sustainable energy plans that involve lower energy prices to save money, reducing their energy consumption, using refits, benchmarking, and other efficiency upgrades. The company also offers other energy sustainability solutions, such as demand response programs and solar power installations.

Helping large and industrial businesses with their commercial electricity and gas supply and costs so they can manage energy expenses and control the cost of doing business is a primary goal for Plymouth Rock Energy. Browse the site to learn more about what Plymouth Rock Energy can do to become a trusted partner for your business.