Commercial Electricity for Your Business in Illinois

The industrial and commercial sectors are among the highest energy consumers according to the Energy Information Administration. The energy that operations such as chemical manufacturing and metal smelting use can make up close to half of their production costs. While the size of their production alone allows the commercial and industrial sectors to ask for less expensive costs from their energy providers, these industries still stand to see massive savings in their power consumption. As a result of deregulation legislation in states like Illinois, these commercial operations now have access to more competitive energy prices through independently owned energy suppliers.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Plymouth Rock Energy has seen massive results as times have changed, due to our dependable and affordable service to which we’ve been able to expand on a larger scale. Now offering our services in states throughout the country, we help industrial scale projects cut energy prices through customized energy solutions tailored to the nature of their operations. New technologies are enabling commercial operations to cut power costs and Plymouth Rock Energy is helping them best utilize these new technologies.

Electricity plans for these Illinois utilities

  • Commonwealth Edison Co. (ComEd)

Switching energy providers

Illinois industrial companies now have more options than ever when selecting their energy provider. When choosing Plymouth Rock Energy, these businesses can utilize low fixed-rate energy plans to be able to predict their future energy costs or variable rate plans that enable them to take advantage of the dips in market prices. We also offer hybrid plans that combine both fixed and variable rates allowing them to take calculated risks with the energy market.

There are a number of sustainable options available to industrial companies as well. Whether it be utilizing low natural gas prices, or renewable energy, there are plenty of ways that businesses can make their operations more cost efficient. Through our sustainable solutions utilizing energy- efficient building technology, we can help businesses streamline their operations for both cost and power consumption.

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