Save on Commercial Gas to Power Up Your Business

Plymouth Rock Energy offers commercial gas, supplied with all the benefits of purchasing gas from a utility combined with the lower price and outstanding service of independent business gas suppliers. Reliable commercial and industrial energy service from the fastest-growing independent energy supplier in the Northeast gives customers a personal touch. This is peace of mind that only an independent energy company committed to accountability and providing specifically relevant energy solutions can guarantee.

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of purchasing Plymouth Rock Energy’s commercial gas natural for your business.

Many industrial and commercial businesses have chosen Plymouth Rock Energy as their natural gas supplier because our innovative, customized pricing solutions allow them to maximize cost-efficiency for their needs and budget. We believe in a one-on-one energy service approach. Plymouth Rock Energy team members will work with you to devise a plan with rates that fit your budget.

Consider these plan options to see what Plymouth Rock Energy can do to help you devise a pricing strategy for your company’s financial priorities.

Superior Commercial Gas Services Mean Cost-Efficiency
    • Fixed Rate

A fixed-rate plan offers the certainty and predictability of one set price for the life of the contract. Even if market prices rise, your rate stays the same.

    • Variable

A variable-rate natural gas plan offers customers the price flexibility of paying the going market rate. We provide the lowest price we can, depending on natural gas rates in any given month, and customers get the benefits of market dips as well as the higher costs of price increases.

    • Variable Plus (NYMEX Plus Basis)

A combination of some price predictability and the flexibility of natural gas market prices, this plan lets business customers lock in their “basis” (price between NYMEX pricing point and utility city gate). They still benefit from downward markets, but enjoy stable transportation rates. NYMEX plus Basis works best for customers who expect market prices to decline, and who don’t want to lock in potentially higher current market rates.

    • Hybrid

For business customers who need a particularly individualized pricing solution, this plan lets you combine indexed, fixed, and variable rates to suit your needs. Plymouth Rock Energy experts are ready to help customers create the ideal hybrid contract.

At Plymouth Rock Energy, the priority is helping customers optimize their energy solutions to become more cost-efficient. Commercial gas supplied by Plymouth Rock Energy, one of the best independent energy providers in the region, is the ideal way to achieve this, with the peace of mind that only accountability and personally responsive service offers.