Affordable Natural Gas for Businesses in New York

New York businesses enjoy a wealth of commercial gas options and the ability to negotiate for better rates. Still, no New York gas service beats the affordability and quality of Plymouth Rock Energy. Servicing the entire state with NY gas, Plymouth offers unique cost-saving strategies that help our customers become more cost-efficient and successful for a long period of time.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of joining forces with one of the leading and most experienced energy service companies (ESCO) in the Northeast.

Natural Gas Deregulation in New York

When the New York Public Service Commission deregulated energy services in the 1990s, it gave New Yorkers the ability to separate pieces of their natural gas bill.

This allowed businesses to purchase and pay for their New York gas and gas delivery separately. This has made the natural gas market more complex, and opened up the chance for commercial enterprises to select the best provider for their needs.

Plymouth Rock Energy is the NY energy services company most focused on helping customers pay the right price for their energy, whether it’s electricity or natural gas. We use our extensive experience to find and negotiate the best energy prices so we can pass those on to your business.

We Offer Commercial Gas Solutions for these New York Utilities:

  • Consolidated Edison
  • National Grid New York
  • National Grid Upstate (NIMO)
  • National Grid Long Island
  • National Fuel Gas (NFG)
  • New York State Electric & Natural Gas
  • Orange and Rockland
  • Rochester Gas & Electric

When You Partner With Plymouth, Your New York Businesses Can Expect:

  • Your choice of range of plans to suit the needs of your business
  • Competitive prices (if not the lowest available on the market)
  • Savings due to reduced taxes
  • Predictable pricing so you can plan ahead for bills
  • Service from expert employees and an experienced New York energy company

If you want to see exactly what Plymouth Rock Energy can do for your commercial NY gas bill, request a quote below.

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At Plymouth Rock Energy, we are commercial New York gas experts. Let our experience in the region and expertise delivering natural gas solutions across NYC help you take control of your business’s energy costs.