Cutting down on hot water heater expensesHot water heaters make up a significant portion of your energy bill, which is why it is important to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to limit these expenses.

Some energy costs can be unnecessarily high, simply because we are inefficiently using power. Simply changing your light bulbs, for instance, can generate huge savings on your utility bill.

But sometimes, these expenses can crop up in places you wouldn’t expect. We all need to use hot water, but did you know that your hot water heater could account for almost 17 percent of your entire home’s energy use? This is more than any other appliance combined, according to the Department of Energy.

Hot water is used in the shower, when you clean your hands and dishes, and other places around the home that you may not even realize, so it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to limit these expenses.

Using common sense

One of easiest improvements you can make is to change you water use habits. First, turn off the water when you are scrubbing your dishes and when you wash your hair in the shower. During these moments, you do not need the water to run constantly, as you are letting the soap do its job. Another tip is to make sure that your water heater is set to vacation mode if you plan on going away, the DOE noted.

The government body recommended that you make small upgrades in order to make low-cost improvements to your hot water use. Wrapping the heater in an insulated blanket can prevent your water from losing heat.

Investing in the right water heater

Another solution is replacing your water heater all together. Tankless water heaters are a great choice in this instance. The DOE reported that they can provide a constant supply of hot water, while at the same time being 8 to 34 percent more efficient than conventional storage heaters. This replacement alone could save you more than $100 a year, based on how much water you use.

Looking at your hot water heater can be a great way to reduce your utility bills and a vital component of a sustainable solution. There are numerous ways to bring down your energy costs, so it is important to take a multi-pronged approach. Talk to your energy provider about the various way you can reduce power energy use in your home.

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