Staying on Top of Energy Market Trends

Plymouth Rock Energy pays careful attention to the changing energy market trends. We distinguish ourselves from other energy providers by offering affordable plans and prices, among much more. By staying on top of the latest data, we ensure that we know what prices are doing so we can provide customers with the best rates. We continually analyze and evaluate relevant data so we can make better decisions and act to keep costs as low as possible. You don’t get this diligence or commitment to customers from other gas and electricity suppliers.

The New York commodities market, NYMEX, sets the rates that directly influence natural gas and electricity prices. Tracking data from this exchange gives us an inside view into current and potential future energy price trends. This lets us base our prices on a standardized, essential industry basis, from which we can derive our low energy rates, even when market rates spike.

If you have any questions about how we set our pricing plans, how you can lower your energy costs by switching to Plymouth Rock Energy, or anything else about utilities, please ask. Our experienced, enthusiastic customer service team is an essential component of our business, and we are always working to provide you with even better customer service. This allows us to keep you happy and help you control energy costs.

Diligently following energy market trends is one of the best ways we can assist you. Contact us today for more information!