Gearing up for spring energy savingsWith the warmer weather comes a whole new set of potential contributors to your energy consumption, so it is important to make sure that you prepare yourself to save this spring.

Spring is a time when people can make impressive improvements to their home. Be it a new deck to enjoy the warmer weather or just cleaning out the garage, there are numerous upgrades you can make to your home. As electricity rates continue to grow, this could be a great time to make home energy efficiency improvements as well.

While energy demand is not particularly high during the spring, it begins to ramp up with the temperature. As a result, now is the time to make preparations for the summer. There are a variety of potential solutions that you could use to improve upon your home energy consumption. Taking the time now to improve your home’s efficiency could ultimately lead to better savings down the road.

Make the right preparations

You should make sure to take advantage of the milder temperatures so that when the summer rolls around you are well prepared for potential electricity rate increases. Mass Save, a Massachusetts based organization aimed at improving energy efficiency, recommends double checking all of the fans in your home and making sure that they are dust-free. When your fans are dusty and their filters are clogged up, they need to work harder which not only eats up your electricity usage, but makes them less effective.

Another strategy is to look at the way you utilize your windows to keep your home cool. One lucrative investment you could make is in insulated, thermal-backed drapes for your windows. This could help you make sure that the sun isn’t heating your home during the day. Also, make sure to invest in well insulated windows to prevent cool air from escaping.

Generally, it is important to make sure that you look at all the potential places that air is escaping from your house. This is a policy that applies to both the summer and the winter. Doing so can not only cut down on your utility bill, but also ensures that your home will be comfortable.

These are just a few tips on how to save. Make sure that you talk to your energy provider so that they can help you identify other potential areas to cut down on power use.

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