Heating your home for lessIf your home heating bill is giving you the blues, you’re not alone. Many homeowners cringe when their monthly bills arrive. Heating bills are facts of life, but you don’t have to put up with exorbitant costs. There are many quick and easy ways to heat your home for less. The following tips are sure to help.

1. Switch Energy Providers

One of the fastest and simplest ways to lower your heating bill is to switch energy providers. If you aren’t currently using Plymouth Rock Energy, you’re not getting today’s most competitive rates. In addition to offering exceptional home heating rates, Plymouth Rock Energy offers superior customer service.

 2. Buy ENERGY STAR Appliances

When an old appliance or electronic device needs to be replaced, you should always check to see if an ENERGY STAR model is available. Appliances that have the ENERGY STAR logo are energy efficient and will help you enjoy reduced energy costs and lower heating bills.

3. Have a Home Energy Assessment Performed

Whether you do it yourself of hire a professional to do it for you, a home energy assessment or audit can help you identify ways to lower your home heating costs.

4. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

There’s no need to keep the house extra warm at night or when nobody is home. Remembering to turn the heat down isn’t easy, though. With a programmable thermostat, you won’t have to think about it at all. Simply program the thermostat to drop to a lower temperature at certain times of day, and you will see a significant drop in your home heating bill.

5.Clean or Replace Furnace Filters Regularly

To keep heating costs low, your furnace needs to operate as efficiently as possible. Don’t forget to clean or replace the furnace filter regularly. Check the manual for your furnace to see how often its filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

6. Clean the Heat Registers in Your Home

If the heat registers in your home are dirty or obstructed, your heating bill is sure to go through the roof. From time to time, walk through the house and check the condition of every register. Clear each register or dirt, dust and debris and make sure that it isn’t obstructed in any way.

7. Keep Windows and Doors Closed

When temperatures drop, you’re probably going to keep doors and windows closed. Make sure they are tightly closed, though. If they are left open even a tiny crack, warm air can escape, and cold air can seep inside more easily.

8. Use Shades Effectively

Shades aren’t just good for keeping bright light out of the rooms in your home. During the winter, keep the shades of south-facing windows open so the sun can warm the room. Close them at night to seal in warm air.

As you can see, a few small changes and upgrades can help you heat your home for less. Put these tips to use right away, and contact Plymouth Rock Energy now to make the switch.

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