Home savings

As fall approaches parents are scrambling to pay for school supplies and fall activities for their children.  At the same time, it is time to seed and aerate the lawn, have the HVAC tuneup and have your electrical inspection.  If you are like most families it can feel like you are hemorrhaging money.  The good news is that there are ways to save money on your home.  With our home savings tips you can keep a little extra money this fall.  

Home Savings Tips

Turn off the lights, television and unused appliances.

This tip is simple, self explanatory and something that you’ve probably heard said a hundred times. You may even be shaking your head and savings, I know this already, it saves me money on my electric bill.  But did you know that it helps your appliances last longer?  The simple act of turning off unused appliances can save you more money than you can imagine. If you leave your lights on all the time the bulbs will burn out far faster. The same is true of your television and appliances and appliances are far more expensive to replace. 

Let Go

Are you tired of the clutter in your house?  Stop thinking of it as clutter and start thinking of it as cash in hand.  Let go of all the old things you have been holding onto. That suit you wore for your first interview that hasn’t fit in ten years, that box of old Christmas decorations, the junk drawer that barely closes. Empty it out and see what you can sell. A yard sale can be easy to put on and can bring in a good deal of cash. When it is all over give the rest to a consignment shop or homeless shelter. You will have made cash, done a good deed, and created space in your house for more important things, or just to look neater.

LEDs and CFL

With LED and CFL light bulbs you will waste less money on your electric bill and save money on light bulbs.  LED and CFL bulbs kinds last longer and give off the same amount of light as a the light bulbs you are currently using. By picking up a different box next time you go the grocery store you can save yourself a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

Programmable Thermostats

Chances are your energy bill is one of your biggest bills each month.  It is also one of the easiest places for home savings and a programmable thermostat can help . So much of the electricity you use goes into heating and cooling your house. There is no better feeling than coming in from the heat and feeling that nice cool air. But how much money are you spending to keep your house cool while you are at work all day. A programmable thermostat can make it so that you are not wasting money, keeping your home cold when you are gone. By setting it to turn on and off at certain times you can save a lot of energy and therefore money. Let the air conditioning take a break while you are out or asleep. This doesn’t mean turning it completely off but changing the temperature by even a few degrees can help.  It may even help your unit to last a little longer.

Do it yourself

DIY projects can be a fun and helpful way to save money. Let your kids help when it comes to painting the walls or taking down some wall paper. Family time is never a bad thing and it will make the experience more fun. You and your spouse can tackle the bigger projects such as putting in that new fence or repairing the garage doors.  

Be aware though that DIY projects are not always the way to go. Don’t try and rewire your house or fix a flooded basement on your own. These jobs can not only be dangerous but they can lead to bigger home disasters down the road.  Letting a certified plumber or electrician take care of these jobs can ultimately save you tens of thousands of dollars in home repairs. But when it comes to something as simple as painting, or unclogging a toilet give it a shot and save the extra cash for the next family vacation.

Inflate your tires

Technically speaking, this one is not inside the house, but it’s close. Making sure that your tires are fully inflated will help your car run smoother, deal better with pot holes, and be more energy efficient. That means less money on gas! Not to mention it will keep you safe on the road after rain or snow. 

Start a garden

Kids want a puppy? Start them out small. Teach them how to take responsibility for something by starting a garden in the backyard. A small gardening project will allow for family time, learning, and quite possibly a smaller grocery bill. Grow some tomatoes, lettuce and peppers or whatever it is that might grow well in your backyard. An added benefit is your family starts eating healthier. There’s something especially delicious about things that you’ve helped grow.

Seal up your house

A drafty house is not comfortable for anyone, but there is more to it. While you may not always feel a draft coming in, there is a good chance that your air conditioning or heat is making a run for it through the cracks in your window sills. If your AC or heat is on, make sure to keep your windows and doors shut. If you want to take it a step further you can hire someone to make sure that they are sealed properly so that excess air is not escaping. This will not only mean that less is escaping, but it also means that your house is better insulated so that you may not have to work as hard to keep it the right temperature all the time.

Home savings does not have to be hard.  With a few small changes you can put money in the bank or at least the change charge and stop throwing it out the window.  For more tips on saving money in your home check out our video series.