Efficient heating and coolingBusinesses are going to have expenses, but there’s no need to pay more for heating, ventilation and air conditioning than necessary.

Happy workers are good workers, so it’s important to keep your employees comfortable with heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Also, some businesses need to manage the amount of humidity in their buildings, so air conditioning can be a necessity. However, heating and cooling is one of the most costly utility expenses. Despite the high costs of HVAC, there are several easy energy saving tips that you can follow to save your company a significant amount of money.

Maintain and upgrade

HVAC equipment, like any machine, will cost more to operate if they are not running efficiently. Systems that are not kept up with regular maintenance will usually draw more power and cost your company more money. Although it may seem like an extra expense, an annual maintenance contract could ultimately cost you less than going without. By getting your HVAC system maintained yearly, you will also avoid unexpected repair costs that you would have to pay if your system suddenly broke down.

If your HVAC system does break down, or if it is about to, then your company should strongly consider replacing it with a new Energy Star qualified system. Energy Star products use significantly less power than devices that are not Energy Star approved, so while it may seem like you’re spending more money by buying a new HVAC system, you will actually be saving money over time since each of your electric bills will be much lower than usual.

Whether your system is a few days old or it’s almost as old as your building, any layman can clean or replace the air filters. Dirty filters force your machines to work harder, drawing more power and costing you more money. Filters are cheap and easy to replace, and should be swapped or cleaned at least every two months.

Sunlight control

Sunlight is a double edged sword in an office environment. Direct sunlight can cause an office to get uncomfortably hot especially in the summer months. However, natural light is also good for ambiance and employee mood. It is therefore important to try to get some sunshine while keeping the space cool. There are solar screens that only allow some light to pass through them, but more affordable options like vegetation and blinds can also help. Try to use the sun to your advantage as a sustainable solution to temperature control by blocking it during the summer and letting it in during the winter.

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