Every business has to deal with energy bills. However, while it’s impossible to eliminate your energy bill (unless you choose to invest in producing your own power), you can lower your overhead dramatically if you use a little strategy.

These 4 tips, brought to you by SRP Net, should help shrink your costs in no time.

Tip #1: Upgrade Your Business’s Lighting

If you’ve got old incandescent light bulbs, you’re spending a lot more money than you know. Incandescent bulbs are hugely inefficient. If you switch to fluorescent lights—or even better, LED lights—then you’ll see the amount of power you use drop right away.

Not only that, but both LED lights and fluorescent lights last longer than incandescent bulbs, meaning that your business will save money on replacement costs over time.

Incandescent lights put out a huge amount of excess heat. This can cause your air conditioning to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature–which means that as long as these inefficient lights are still burning, you’re paying twice for them instead of just once.

Tip #2: If You Don’t Need It, Turn It Off

The amount of energy businesses waste by leaving lights, radios, TVs, and other appliances running when they don’t need to be is astonishing. Everything from leaving the lights on in the bathroom when no one is in there to playing music over the speakers at night when no one is shopping are all examples of this. Those things take juice, and whether you wanted them running or not, you still have to pay for that power at the end of the month.

Contrary to popular belief, turning the power off is just fine for lights and appliances; you aren’t getting longer life out of them by leaving them on all the time.

Establish a policy that states when everything gets left on or turned off. Even better—if you don’t want to risk people forgetting, put things on a timer. Simple things can have a big impact on your bill, such as motion sensor lights in the bathrooms and light sensors on exterior lamps so they don’t come on until the sun goes down.

Tip #3: Do Preventative Maintenance

While it’s a huge pain and no one wants to do it, preventative maintenance will keep all the technology you have behind the scenes running smoothly. Just like going to the doctor regularly or making sure you take your car into the shop, you’ll be able to spot small problems before they become big issues, and you’ll extend the life of your lighting system, your AC units, and the other technology you depend on to keep your business running smoothly and comfortably. While the up-front cost of maintenance and equipment might look like a lot, remember that it’s an investment, not a penalty.

Tip #4: Go Small, Not Big

Whenever possible, try to use smaller, more efficient machines when you’re equipping your workforce. For example, big desktop computers that are a few years old might seem like a good deal, but ask how much more power they’re going to suck out of the wall.

Smaller, more efficient machines, from computers and printers to faxes and tablets, will save you money in the long run. They use less energy and take up less space overall, which can have its own slew of positive effects on your business.

These are, of course, just a few ways you can make your business more energy-efficient. If you’re looking for more ways to lower your overhead and waste less money, along with less energy, then simply contact us today!