Lawn CareNobody wants to be the house in the neighborhood that looks as though it has been empty for years, with weeds taking over, grass up to your shins or brown and crispy from the sun. But lawn care can be expensive! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  With a few simple tips you can save money while taking care of your lawn.


Use the highest setting on your lawn mower.


What lawn mower you use and how you use it can make a surprising difference in how much money you save in lawn care. By using the highest setting you are allowing your grass to do what it is meant to do and soak up as much water as possible. This means that you spend less money, water, and energy watering your lawn because nature can take care of a lot of it for you.


Choose your mower wisely.


If it is time for a new lawn mower, you should take a couple of things into consideration. First, nobody wants to spend a fortune on a lawn mower, we all understand that. But what kind you choose can make a big difference in the future. In most cases, a push mower is perfect for your yard. As long as you don’t have hundreds of acres of land a little pushing won’t hurt you and may do you some good. Push mowers will save you a fortune on gas and can give you a little exercise. Who needs a gym when you do lawn work all day? Second, consider how you cut the grass. A reel mower is your best option for energy sake and for the sake of your grass. A reel mower uses blades with vertical movement instead of horizontal movement to make a healthier cut so your grass can heal more quickly between cuts. Healthier grass means less watering. To make it even better, a reel mower is what they use on golf courses. Who doesn’t want their grass to be as beautiful as the golf course?


Take advantage of other tasks.


Most homeowners use their hose for things other than watering our grass.  Why not multi-task? Kids playing in the sprinkler? Washing your car? Maybe cleaning out the dog crate? Whenever possible, do it in an area where the runoff goes into your yard. This may allow you to water your yard less often. You are no longer wasting water and sending it into the drain pipes, you are using every last drop of it.


Avoid the lawn care mistake most homeowners make.


Most homeowners water their grass too much. Studies show that your grass only needs one inch of water a week. So instead of watering your grass every day for fifteen minutes do it once a week for a little longer. There are a couple of benefits to this method. First, it will reduce the amount of money you are spending on water.  In addition, it will give you nicer grass. By watering your grass infrequently (once a week) but deeper, you will allow your grass to have deeper roots and become much healthier.


When to water


Whatever you do, do not water your grass in the middle of the day. While some of the water will evaporate before it can be soaked into the roots. what is left behind magnifies the light from the sun and leaves you with baked grass. The best and most effective time to water your grass is either first thing in the morning or last thing last thing in the evening. Make it part of your routine. Every Sunday morning let yourself have a lazy morning. Come downstairs,  start your sprinkler and then go in to have a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee with your favorite book. This will give you some time for self care and your grass will thank you for it.


Plant some trees


Plant some trees in your yard. Preferably tall trees. The shade of the trees will keep you, your grass and maybe even your home cool. This means less watering and less AC. Having tall trees in your yard means that there is less direct sunlight heating your house on a daily basis. This is a huge benefit.


Yard work can be stressful when you have so much else to do in your life. But knowing what to do can save you time energy and money. Nobody likes a huge water bill. Take advantage of these little tips and tricks and your life will be a lot easier, both inside and outside the house. There is no point in wasting water and energy doing things the hard way, when the smart way can save you so much. 

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