Most Americans are unaware solar is getting cheaperWith the rate of solar adoption throughout the United States getting so high, it would be easy to think that Americans have finally realized that solar power is an affordable alternative energy solution. But according to one recent survey, it turns out that despite the fact that more home and business owners are going solar now more than ever, the majority of Americans still believe that it’s too expensive for them.

Consumers are largely unaware of solar financing, other cost reducers

According to EnviroMedia, a recent survey showed that 70 percent of Americans believe cost is the biggest barrier to going solar. As the researchers dug deeper, they found that the reason so many people believed the cost of solar to be so high is that they were unaware of the wide variety of financing and leasing options available.

“It’s no surprise we found 70% of Americans perceived ‘cost’ was a barrier to installing solar panels to their home to offset some of their electricity use,” said Kevin Tuerff, EnviroMedia president. “Consumers are probably unaware of the plummeting cost of solar power, and most have never heard of solar leasing.”

Based on this finding, it would seem that there is a dearth of consumer education on the subject of residential and commercial solar.

Education may be the key to getting consumers interested

Solar leasing, loans, rebates and incentives can drive the upfront costs of solar down considerably. Accordingly, EnviroMedia reported that the survey found that once people were educated on the myriad cost reducers in the solar market, 67 percent of respondents said that they were “very or somewhat interested” in learning more about what a solar PV system could do for them.

It would behoove solar installers to educate their customer base on how they can go solar for little to no cost upfront. According to Yahoo Finance, another survey conducted by Zogby Analytics found that 62 percent of Americans actually want solar for their homes, but are still put off by the perception that it is prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, Americans are also adopting other energy efficient technologies like LED lights, smart thermostats, hybrid cars and other money and power saving items. As these smaller items become more entrenched in our everyday lives and their environmental and financial benefits become more obvious, they may be a stepping stone toward the big-ticket items like solar power.

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