Plymouth PriceLockTake Control with Plymouth PriceLock

When temperatures hit unexpected lows, demand for heating and energy sources, like natural gas, shoot up along with its price. For those on variable rate electricity contracts, this means for extremely expensive utility bills. With variable rate contracts, customer electric rates fluctuate with the growing market price for power, meaning their bills are subject to these spikes in price and demand. Fortunately, fixed rate plans give you the opportunity to protect yourself against these kinds of fluctuations, giving you more control in the long run.

Plymouth Rock Energy offers its customers secure, reliable service for almost twenty years. We work hard to provide customers with competitive rates. It’s time to take charge of your utility bill with Plymouth PriceLock.

What is Plymouth PriceLock?

  • An escape from the market’s highly volatile electric and natural gas rates
  • A fixed rate contract that locks customers into one set monthly price over the length of the contract
  • An agreement lasting 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months, depending on your preference and location

Why choose Plymouth PriceLock?

  • Much like the weather, energy rates can be unpredictable. With Plymouth PriceLock you are completely free of the constantly fluctuating energy prices that consumers experience
  • You are protected from the stress of guessing how much your utility bill will amount to each month
  • Plymouth Rock Energy offers some of the most competitive fixed rates on the market
  • Plymouth Rock Energy makes it convenient and hassle-free to sign up online

Will anything change?

Absolutely nothing changes except the amount you pay!

  • Your energy will still be delivered by your current utility
  • Your current energy supplier will still take care of your power lines
  • There’s no change in the billing process- you’ll receive it exactly as before, just without any surprises!
Are you ready to take control of your utility bill? Call 855-32-POWER now for options available in your area.