Fighting for Lower IL, MD, PA, NY,  NJ and OH Residential Gas and Electric Prices

Homeowners used to enjoy the bliss of fewer decisions when it came to their energy needs. Local and regional utilities controlled and supplied all the IL, MD, PA, NY, OH and NJ residential gas & electric with a monopoly on prices. They had some options, such as their oil furnace or other natural energy sources if they created their own heat at home, but nobody worried about NY gas or PA electric costs because prices were low enough. It wasn’t until the 1960s that anybody really worried about a lack of competition.

Beginning with the oil price shocks in the 1970s, a number of events drove up the cost of residential gas & electric, leading people to agitate against state monopolies, ultimately resulting in states deregulating and opening up utilities to competition. Residential energy providers like Plymouth Rock Energy sprang up to fill the gap and give homeowners choices. The state utility companies still manage delivering energy sources like NJ gas to residential homes, but utility companies like us compete for customers based on energy prices and better quality of service.

At Plymouth Rock Energy, we have focused our innovation on lowering prices and identifying superior service strategies and policies as main priorities. We are based out of Long Island and service New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and Illinois with plans for expansion into other territories.

We strive to help residential customers save more on their energy needs, understand the issues that matter to them, and get the level of service they deserve. One of the best ways that we help you do this is by offering a range of service plans and options so you can customize how we meet your energy needs to meet your budget.

Explore your options

Finding the Right Residential Gas & Electric Plan

Explore the electricity and natural gas options Plymouth Rock Energy offers to find the New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland or Illinois residential energy services that work for you. Consider these features to find the best plan for you.

Fixed rates – With natural gas prices at or near the lowest levels of the past decade, selecting a fixed rate lets you lock in that lower price for long-term savings. Similarly, the trends in electricity rates suggest prices will continue to rise in coming years. A fixed-rate plan protects you from increased future costs.

Variable rates – Variable rate plans are a gamble, but sometimes taking chances pays off. With variable rates, Plymouth Rock Energy bears little risk, and we offer you the lowest prices manageable based on market rates. When they climb, you pay more, but you also get to take advantage of dips in the market as well as relatively lower costs in the near-term.
Alternative options – Plymouth Rock Energy also offers other individualized energy solutions including Variable Plus plans, which let you lock in certain costs while others move with the market, and different hybrid contracts. Hybrid plan customers choose how their bills will change by combining indexed, fixed, and variable rates.
Plymouth Rock Energy remains committed to providing the best prices and service for IL, MD, PA, NY, OH and NJ gas and electricity. We know how much customers can save by switching energy providers. Your search for a reliable and trustworthy provider to help you manage energy costs is over.