Illinois Electricity Company

The longstanding deregulation of the Illinois energy market means that residents are free from increases in electricity rates troubling much of the country. They can choose their own energy provider and take control of their energy bill. Plymouth Rock Energy is an energy provider with more than 50 years of experience in the Northeast. We are committed to competitive pricing and providing our residential customers with the information and resources necessary to find the plan that meets their needs.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of working with the leading independent energy service company in the region to help you take control of your energy costs in Illinois.

PRE Has Been an Independently Owned Energy Company Since 1948

Plymouth Rock Energy has made providing residential customers with consistent, affordable energy our priority for decades. This family-owned energy company began in Long Island. Though we have grown and changed since our days of delivering coal and fuel oil to New Yorkers, that one thing has remained the same at Plymouth Rock is our laser-like focus on our customers. We feel strongly that our customers deserve affordable, reliable energy and committed customer service.

Deregulation in Illinois gives rise to a number of small energy suppliers, affording homeowners the chance to switch to the leading independent energy service company, Plymouth Rock Energy. PRE wants to leverage our experience with affordable, reliable energy in the region to help you reduce the cost of powering your home.

PRE Offers Energy Solutions for These Illinois Utilities

Switching Energy Providers

Switching energy providers is the best way to use deregulation to find more affordable energy prices. Plymouth Rock Energy residential electricity customers in Illinois enjoy several energy plan options to find the one that meets their home’s needs.

At Plymouth Rock Energy, we offer:

  • A fixed-rate plan so that customers can take advantage of low natural gas prices
  • A variable rate plan with the lowest market prices manageable
  • Alternative plans with the flexibility of locking in certain costs like a fixed rate plan maintaining responsiveness to market changes like a variable rate plan

PRE is here to help customers navigate their energy provider options.

Plymouth Residential Customers Can Expect

  • Assistance choosing the right plan for your home energy needs
  • Competitive market prices
  • Reduced taxes and fees leading to overall savings
  • Predictable pricing
  • Support from experienced Illinois energy professionals

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Lowering Your Energy Bill

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Plymouth Rock Energy can help residential Illinois customers find the best plans and energy providers for their needs. If you want the peace of mind that comes from an energy company you can trust, and the savings of a more affordable energy bill, contact us to see what Plymouth can do for you.