Maryland Electricity Company

Our Maryland energy provider services deliver affordable residential electric to Maryland homeowners along with the best customer service. We service provide homes across the state with a host of residential electric benefits. A commitment to help our customers reduce waste, cut costs, and save on their home energy bills is just the first of many benefits homeowners enjoy with an independent energy services company. We offer a range of plans and services designed to put you in control of energy costs no matter how unpredictable prices get.

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Freedom to Choose in Maryland

Homeowners in Maryland are lucky enough to have the freedom to choose their electricity supplier. Options mean control and lower costs, and Plymouth Rock Energy is here to help you manage those decisions to find the right supplier for your needs.

As the leading independent Energy Service Company (ESCO) in the Northeast, we have spent the last several decades developing expertise and know-how in the region. We offer more affordable rates, freedom from price uncertainty, and a range of competitive plans to choose from so you can stay within your energy budget.

Most importantly, we prioritize our customers, and make enjoy the peace of mind that comes working with a supplier they trust.

We Provide Residential Natural Gas Solutions for These Maryland Utilities

When homeowner partner with Plymouth Rock Energy they can expect:

  • Quick Savings
  • A range of plans so you can find one that meets your needs
  • Competitive market prices
  • Reduced taxes and fees leading to overall savings
  • Predictable pricing with no surprises

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Plymouth Rock Energy puts our Maryland customers first, and we aim to be energy providers that you trust to look out for your best interests. We will collaborate with you to identify your needs and the best plan to increase savings. Contact us to learn more about our Maryland electricity services and how we can help you manage costs.