Power Up Your Biggest Investment with One of Plymouth Rock Energy’s Natural Gas Options

For many people, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make. Plymouth Rock Energy understands this, and is constantly improving its innovative approach to strategic pricing of gas so you can get more from that investment. Plymouth experts apply their deep understanding of energy markets to provide better service to customers in the form of flexible plans and pricing solutions. We take pride in helping them find the best plan so they can manage energy costs and enjoy a more efficient home.

Plymouth Rock Energy offers a few important benefits to its residential gas customers to manage their energy costs. Whether you are an existing customer who wants to improve your savings or are with another utilities provider and are searching for an opportunity to reduce costs, your financial goals are a priority to Plymouth. Everything from informative resources to help you formulate an opinion about the energy issues that matter to innovative pricing strategy options can help you control costs and run your home.

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Get Better Service from Your Gas Provider
  • Fixed Rate

Fixed rates offer a comforting price certainty that customers who want stability choose. You’ll pay more than the current market rate by a small margin, but lock in the current price so you pay the same over your entire contract, even if gas rates rise.

  • Variable

The flexibility of a variable contract typically saves customers money now, giving them access to the lowest possible price Plymouth Rock Energy can offer. That price floats with the market, so they may end up paying more or less next month depending on prevailing price conditions.

  • Variable Plus (NYMEX Plus Basis)

Designed as a combined approach for customers who prefer the flexibility of market prices but with a bit more control over long-term costs, this plan locks in their “basis” (price between NYMEX pricing point and utility city gate). Customers who choose this plan prioritize the benefit of downward market price trends while ensuring stable transportation rates.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid contracts let customers pick elements from indexed, fixed, and variable rates to suit their specific needs for more individualized natural gas pricing solutions.

With several gas plans available, innovative pricing schemes, and emphasis on providing robust customer service to help you reach the optimal energy solution, Plymouth Rock Energy is uniquely positioned to enable customers to control energy costs.