Residential Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

At Plymouth Rock Energy, our Pennsylvania natural gas plans provide affordable prices, reduction of waste, and savings for home energy bills. With a large selection of plans and tools available, Pennsylvania customers will be in charge of their energy consumption and bills. Our experienced energy team will help customers save on their home energy bills to create a stress-free environment.

Natural Gas Energy Deregulation in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania homeowners have been enjoying the “unbundling” of their natural gas energy bills since 1999. This unbundling has provided customers with the power to choose their energy providers and have access to flexible strategies to better manage their energy costs.

As a leading Independent Energy Service Company in the region, we’ve spent years developing the knowledge necessary to deliver cost-effective natural gas options. We’ll help our Pennsylvania customers determine the right natural gas delivery options to meet their residential needs. Always having our customer’s best interest in mind, we’ll continuously offer trust-worthy advice.

We provide Residential Gas Solutions for These Pennsylvania Utilities:

When you join the Plymouth Rock Energy family as a homeowner, we’ll provide you with:

  • A variety of residential plans
  • Competitive market prices
  • Tax and fee reductions for savings
  • Predictable pricing, eliminating any surprises
  • Professional service with deep understanding of the PA Gas Market

If you’re interested in learning more about your gas option, please contact us for more information. Click the button below to see rates and automatically enroll online.