Small Business Electricity and Gas from a Provider Who Understands Your Needs

Plymouth Rock Energy recognizes the difficulties energy costs pose for small businesses. They lack large commercial businesses’ ability to negotiate lower electric costs, but they have much higher needs than just about any home. In fact, a survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that energy expenses for small business electricity and gas are the largest cost for 10 percent of small businesses. We provide small business gas and electricity with a commitment first to providing the responsive, reliable service, and second, to helping small businesses reduce these major energy costs.

Plymouth understands the up-and-down history of energy prices that small businesses have faced since they first started pushing for deregulation in the 1990s to help them overcome soaring costs. And the company has continued to innovate since our entry into the small business electricity sector in 2010, devising strategic pricing plans to help businesses function more efficiently.

A Better Business Plan

This emphasis on helping small businesses reduce energy costs has led Plymouth Rock to prioritize bringing down business electric rates and finding other ways to encourage energy savings. The ability to help small businesses formulate better energy cost plans includes the following energy solutions:

Electricity – Plymouth Rock’s electric offerings have been some of its most popular since their launch in 2010. With small business electricity service in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts, service options include:

  • Fixed and Variable rates – Like most electricity providers, Plymouth Rock offers a fixed-rate plan to let businesses protect themselves from rising costs by locking in their price for the life of the contract, as well as a variable-rate plan for those that want to take advantage of potential future dips in the energy prices.
  • Variable Plus and Hybrid rates – Plymouth Rock has innovated a number of energy price strategies. Hybrids of indexed rates keep certain costs constant for small businesses that want both the security of a fixed index and the chance to save when the market dips. Hybrid plans offer a mixture of indexed, fixed, and variable pricing to enable businesses to tailor their level of risk and manage electricity costs precisely.

Natural Gas – With over a decade of experience providing natural gas to New York and New Jersey, Plymouth Rock Energy offers the same types of diverse gas rate plans as it does for electricity. Again, the point is to help businesses save on energy costs.

  • Sustainable energy solutions – Plymouth goes beyond just providing energy to customers, also assisting them in lowering their energy needs, offering retrofits, benchmarking, and other energy-efficiency services. Businesses can also take part in Plymouth’s demand response and renewable energy programs to increase efficiency.

When it comes to helping small businesses with their energy consumption needs, Plymouth Rock Energy has made lowering costs and providing robust, high-quality service its mission. Flexible small business electricity and gas plans along with helpful, dedicated team members ensures Plymouth can make a difference for small businesses.