Small Business Electricity

Plymouth Rock Energy recognizes the difficulties that high energy costs pose for small businesses. Lacking the negotiating power of large commercial businesses, they have to find innovative ways to manage expenses. Plymouth Rock Energy excels at innovative small business solutions for Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and New Jersey electric. We offer a range of pricing packages and electricity solutions to help businesses take control of rising and unpredictable energy costs.

Select your state to learn more about Plymouth’s electricity supply options for small businesses.

Small businesses have multiple choices for electricity providers. Plymouth Rock Energy prioritizes delivering superior service while helping businesses manage the costs of meeting their energy needs.

New York and New Jersey Electric for Small Businesses
    • Fixed Rate

Fixed rates offer a comforting price certainty for customers who want stability. Locking in the current price for the life of a contract means you will pay the same in the future even if electricity prices go up.

    • Variable

Variable electric contracts offer small businesses extra flexibility. They gain access to the lowest possible price Plymouth Rock Energy can offer, but are subject to current market prices. This means savings if the market dips in the future.

    • Variable Plus (NYMEX Plus Basis)

This combined approach helps customers who want the flexibility of market prices with more control over long-term costs. This plan locks in their “basis” (price between NYMEX pricing point and utility city gate) to establish electricity price control. Customers who choose this plan prioritize the benefit of downward market price trends while ensuring stable transportation rates.

    • Hybrid

Hybrid contracts let customers pick elements from indexed, fixed, and variable rates to suit their specific needs for more individualized electric pricing solutions.

Plymouth Rock Energy’s Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and New Jersey electric services are designed to help small businesses find the energy pricing solution that meets their needs so they can keep a handle on costs and stay efficient.