Managing Your Small Business Electricity Costs

Small businesses in New York face a number of financial pressures, and have a range of energy provider options to meet their small business electric needs. Plymouth Rock Energy offers a number of pricing and service plan options to help these businesses gain control of their New York electricity bill.

We also boast a number of resources that we have gained over our 10 years of experience servicing the New York area. Our customer-focused team can teach you more about how partnering with the best in the industry benefits your small business.

New York Electricity Deregulation

New York small businesses gained the option to unbundle business electric delivery and production in the late 1990s. This choice had powerful consequences, empowering businesses to navigate a new, varied list of energy providers. Suddenly, small businesses had the difficult task of finding an electricity provider that fit their unique needs.

Plymouth Rock Energy puts its experience to work for our customers, helping them make the right choices and offering a variety of plans suited to the needs of their business. We negotiate the best rates and pass them on to our customers to satisfy your budgetary needs.

Contact us if you have questions about deregulation or making the switch to Plymouth Rock Energy. We value our customers and are here to answer any questions you may have about your energy bill.

Our Electricity Solutions Are Available for These New York Utilities

  • Consolidated Edison
  • National Grid Upstate (NIMO)
  • New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG)
  • Orange and Rockland
  • Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E)

New York Small Business Owners With Us Can Expect

  • A plan that meets your energy needs
  • Competitive market prices
  • Reduced taxes
  • Predictable pricing
  • Service and support from experienced NY professionals

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Additional Small Business Energy Resources

We have a growing selection of resources for small businesses. Click the button to “Learn More” about how a Demand Response program can help your company can go green and reduce wasteful energy consumption. This saves money and improves cost-efficiency.
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Plymouth Rock Energy focuses on providing valuable services to New York businesses. We help small companies take control of their energy costs and reduce their New York business electric bill.