Small Business Natural Gas Solutions for Economic Efficiency

Plymouth Rock Energy is one of the leading independent Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in the Northeast, providing powerful small business natural gas solutions and a range of services to help our country’s most important businesses stay competitive. Plymouth has a range of innovative strategies to help small businesses find better business electricity rates and gas prices so they can improve cost-efficiency.

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Small businesses have a number of options for gas providers. Our priority is to deliver superior service while helping businesses manage the costs of meeting their energy needs.

Plymouth Rock Energy small business gas customers benefit from an innovative range of pricing solutions to meet their energy needs, including a full line of energy packages incorporating both fuel oil and natural gas.

Cost-effective Small Business Gas Solutions
    • Fixed Rate

Small Businesses that value price certainty and the confidence of locking in low natural gas rates will benefit from a fixed-rate plan. They ensure that future increases in gas prices will not cost customers more money during the life of the contract.

    • Variable

Variable rate plans are a gamble, but a lot of the time variable natural gas contracts offer useful flexibility. Plymouth Rock offers customers who opt for this plan the lowest possible price that we can, but the price floats with the market, whether prices rise or fall each month. When they climb, you pay more, but you also get to take advantage of dips in the market as well as relatively lower costs in the short-term.

    • Variable Plus (NYMEX Plus Basis)

Designed as a combined approach for customers who want market prices and desire more control over long-term costs, this plan locks in their “basis” (price between NYMEX pricing point and utility city gate). Customers who select this plan prioritize the benefit of downward market price trends while ensuring stable transportation rates.

    • Hybrid

Hybrid contracts let customers pick elements from indexed, fixed, and variable rates to suit their specific needs for more individualized natural gas pricing solutions.

Managing costs and improving small business efficiency is much easier with the help of Plymouth Rock Energy’s small business gas services and plans. Dedicated to accountability and responsive service, the company has prioritized helping customers find the right plans and energy solutions for their needs.