Helping Small Businesses Save on New Jersey Gas

Plymouth Rock Energy is an experienced New Jersey gas supplier specializing in providing affordable small business energy solutions. Plymouth offers unique plans to small businesses that help them save on NJ gas costs. As a leading energy service company (ESCO) with over 10 years of experience delivering gas and energy to the region, Plymouth is uniquely positioned to help small businesses control energy costs, manage their gas consumption, and stay competitive with larger companies.

Read more to learn about the advantages of joining forces with our experienced team at Plymouth and how we can help you take control of your business’s energy costs.

New Jersey Natural Gas Deregulation and Your Small Business

New Jersey small businesses gained the option to stop bundling their natural gas energy bills in early 1999. Deregulation came to all of Jersey in the form of the Energy Choice Plan. One benefit is that your small business can now pay for the production and delivery of natural gas separately. While this gives small businesses a significant measure of control over how much they pay for New Jersey gas, it also introduces more variables and shifts in industry factors that can impact prices.

Unbundling has made navigating the small business energy landscape very complicated. Plymouth Rock Energy is uniquely suited to help small businesses handle this complexity and reduce their energy costs, banking on decades of experience working with natural gas in the Northeast and our expertise working in deregulated energy markets.

Enjoy Energy Solutions for These NJ Utilities from PRE

  • Public Service Electric & Gas Company(PSEG)
  • New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG)
  • South Jersey Gas (SJG)
  • Elizabethtown Gas

What NJ Small Businesses Can Expect from with PRE

  • Competitive prices near the market floor
  • Reduced taxes and overall savings
  • Predictable pricing
  • Support from experienced NJ energy professionals

See what controlling your small business energy costs with our help can do for you. Get a personalized quote from Plymouth Rock.

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