Small Business Energy Tips and Resources

We know that climbing small business electric costs can be a source of worry for small businesses that lack the bargaining power to negotiate lower rates. With the help of our small business electricity and energy resources section, Plymouth Rock Energy aims to be even more helpful to your business. Get tips to manage energy use, reduce bills, and improve your business’s energy efficiency here and check back often for new topics.

4 energy saving measures most businesses don’t realize

There are a wide range of steps business owners can take to reduce both their electric bills and their carbon footprints. Here are four less obvious.
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Small Businesses Making Strides In Energy Savings

Business owners that are skeptical about soalr or wind energy saving them money are certainly misguided. Small to medium-sized businesses can save money by installing solar panels.
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Energy-saving Tips for Small businesses

Small businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs. One of the best strategies that companies can use is through better energy management.
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Trends in Reducing Energy Costs

Increasing global and local energy demands continue to increase strains on our existing energy supplies, reflected in the prices of many fuel sources. But the silver lining is the emergence of several new trends in energy saving technology and practice that you can integrate into your business.
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Employees Are the Key to Unlocking the Benefits of Sustainability

Imbuing employees with a sense of ownership and responsibility is essential for the success of your small business’s sustainability projects. Bringing them into the fold can also increase productivity and leave them more satisfied with the workplace.
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Steps to Proper Energy Management

Taking these energy management steps can yield tremendous energy savings for your small business as well as encourage employees to embrace an ethos of continuous attention to improving sustainability and energy efficiency.
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Solar Energy – Heating Up the Industry

Learn more about how solar energy works and is being used in homes and businesses. Consider these suggestions to integrate renewable energy efficiency into your business and potentially enjoy significant savings.
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Renew Your Energy Strategy

Your energy strategy probably needs attention. Many businesses don’t invest enough time and effort into diagnosing their own energy efficiencies and this costs them a great deal. Follow these tips for a more strategic approach to energy management that will yield dividends for your business.
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Demand Response Programs Are a Better Way to Go

Plymouth Rock Energy is a firm support of demand response programs for energy efficiency and sustainability. Read on to learn how your company can save on energy with this approach.
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This selection of small business electric resources will continue to grow as we find new and useful information that we can present, whether you are or are not a PRE customer. We want to help small businesses stay competitive despite being treated poorly by larger energy providers, and this is just one way to help. Contact us using the form above if you have any questions about the information in these resources or want to learn more about how we can help your business save on energy costs and increase efficiency.