Interested in Getting Paid to Use Less Energy?

Plymouth Rock Energy’s demand response programs offer incentives for business owners who cut back their facility’s energy use during times when energy use is at its highest, such as on certain hot summer days. By doing so, you can help keep systems reliable, reduce emissions and curb the need to make costly energy infrastructure investments.

Plymouth Rock Energy has three programs that provide opportunities for customers. These three programs include:

    • Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)is a short notice program relying on the ability of many to voluntarily reduce their demand for a short period of time, in exchange for payment
    • Day-Ahead Demand Response Program (DADRP) is a customer-initiated economic bidding program, where participants offer their load reduction into the wholesale market a day in advance
    • Installed Capacity Special Case Resources (ICAP SCR) is a reserve capacity program that contracts resources to meet NYISO supply requirements over a specified contract period

Who Qualifies for Demand Response Programs?

Plymouth Rock Energy customers that are currently using a minimum of 750,000 kWh a year will qualify to participate in any of the three (3) demand response programs.

What incentives have the Demand Response Programs generated?

During summer 2003, more than $7.2 million was paid to over 1,400 commercial, industrial and multi-family residential customers for reducing their peak electricity consumption by 700 MW.

How Do I Apply to Participate?

Contact a Plymouth Rock Energy representative by calling 855-32-POWER.

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